Christ shall be returned any day every day any moment
as the free soul gifted living goes onto unveiling ALL TRUTHS
that assure ALL ever gifted life and living,. understand
their vessel interaction with the
natural order based universe and,. OUR,

(our creator)

AETHER,. creator)

By DeSiGn of process set to motion..
that,. YOU
natural order raping..
eugeniCiSt cabbaliST creationiST
 might as well sKip,.
trying to explain.

Maybe try something,. real reality FACTS

goes hand in hand with.. TIMELINE.

Maybe start just about fore and aft of the

world raping crime - i mean,. CONcept to

CANONiZE, piT,. and slaughter the

SUN worshipping ABLE whilst

raping the SUNS precession,. and the

WAYS, of gathering interplanetary

aetheric energy, the core function between

the SUN and ALL gifted living and LiFe..

common knowledge?

im thinking go from the purported 0.

BC on back and AD on.

Gassing into where none are naturally found,..

i see as something likened to a

punk gang of ill led riDdling f@Cr diCd brained

raplings, the highly ill led, (best excuse)

job holders,. 101ing for piT status and rewards

A,. dEsIgneD to be,. sickness, so,.
slaves raised in the click, can
profit their week while,
raping,. the rest.

Yous are not great enough to be greater than anybody?

Seriously,. you should have been,. trained, personally atuned

noticing and meditating with good ole sunny!


i mean,. sonny.

Mother natures,. sonny!

your phallus,. your son/daughter

anywhere, anything

it becomes immediately obvious

you are a rapist of the sanctity


naturally maintains,.

with iTs.. SUNS/sons


sKip the backwoods forked dunce haTters

aprioneTtisT deeds for mayhem

riDdling tongue-a-thon,.


(understanding what is a shaft)
entire exposed/circumcized bulboa)
(the exposed nerve ending - flesh top - cap)
(of both male and female)
one must venture to a point of thinking,. where
mother nature,. provided it would occur itself
as the natural order vessel
sought to collect and interact, with
the,. creator,. our sun.
(two chromosomes versus one?)

And then the,. facility,. the place/ability to

GATHER the aetheric energy,.

crystal yellow - laser beam - thru clean clear aetheric blue,.

that, dripped,. radiating,. from.. all living material/matter

against off of thru within,. stone, quartz, trees plants leaves,


(STAINED GLASS.. blocks refracts the SUN like a chemtrailers GAS cloud)

fool - the dead guy on the SticK is mockery of the naturally ABLE wizard

being,. slaughtered.


Ahh.. the thinking of the harmless meditating,.

SUN  worshipper

intertwining with the natural order process

of our,. SUN.

And.. but, here come the mutants again.. CONjuring

4 minute guru soDOMfuCrds

and maybe before that,. the fig leaf sKiTsTers.. pre

(aprionic asSbaCKwaRd-ED)


now,. they walk the, to be sacrificed around the slave pit
 like a carnival, timed to greet you,. to see if you will say,. or sicken.


Yous are the only degenerate so devolved

muT-anT f@Cr race

in ALL known galaxy.


Time To Get TUNED!

Wake up.. and get your asSbaCKWARD

per-versing self

OUT -  Of - the - WAY.

Raping the precession,.

canonizing life

" enslaved "

are a criminal offense,. yous

apparently, have not yet evolved enough

to assure not per-versing the sanctity of

others with?

" obvious is obvious "

Meditating on the crystal edge of the SUN..

grasping,. self healing,. pulse rate

will not happen thru a GAS sprayed,.

SUNNYs laser beam raped refracted

scum white/brown/etc -
chemical horizon.

" Climate CONtrol is a rapist folly "

It allows the extermination rape of ALL

with.. indifference.

All my life there were four seasons.

Then the hollywoodian 80s

redistricting stunt group

 they previously hijacked in,. ACTED up..

now nothing makes sense,

common core - aSsBaCkWARD

looks like a - masonic

red white blue - foreign counciled

meSsiaNic f@Cr diCd cOstUmerS

CLowNipHaTe.. gaS sKiT, eXtermiNATing,.

per-verse,. raping, the..

COMMON order SUN worshippers find, naturally.

no offense.. the,. REPUBLIC iDEAL

WAS,. easy to follow.

You are,. a tragedy.

Begin,. timeline clearing it up. FACTS..

healing begins because,. free flowing facts

allow right choices to be made

which CAUSE the undoings of the

principalities rampant.

They are simply opted from.

Basically, ALL gifted living.. desire to maintain

life for each and themselves

natural order for our planet flourishing, and

one amongst many whilst subject of no other?


( i post these ranty little one offs to get you thinking, iNVOLVED)

Noting,. if you are ABLE to see,. what

free souls gifted living went thru

to maintain oneness with universe..

this, amazing journey,.

is actually yours


crystal sharp yellow,.

look-at-a-ble,. thru

clean clear aetheric blue.

Mother Natures species,. human

will NOT
(naturally) advance,.  pilled,

steroided - diC sTifF e NeRD

food sTufFed, undeveloped

oblivious of open nerve ending

natural aether energy, gathering

" edge detecting "

SUN worship.  (techniques)

The,. ONLY.. obvious,. wordless

religion.. if you,. must.

Why aligorical Flowery BuLLsHiT per-verse anyone in any way?

Why follow the original enslaved on their journey,.

of enslavement,. enslaving the rest?

Opt OUT.


Start Here.. now.

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